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By Laura Leigh Abby

Planning a two-bride wedding means twice the beauty and twice the stress. Fulfilling the shortage of inspiration and guidance for the modern lesbian bride, this book caters to the next generation of women planning same-sex weddings. 2brides2be is a wedding guide for the bride who exudes youth and style no matter what her age, who is inspired by innovation, and who wants to marry the woman of her dreams and do it her way. She is a visionary who blends tradition and rebellion, but still needs practical wedding planning advice. She will find it here.
Author Laura Leigh Abby shares her own experiences navigating the world of lesbian wedding planning with a sense of humor and a dose of sass. She has advice on everything from the logistics of walking down the aisle to wording the invites, and she’s not afraid to throw all the rules out the window. With input from wedding industry professionals, 2brides2be will enlighten brides on booking vendors, wrangling family, and pulling off the wedding of her dreams.
2brides2be is a marriage of memoir and guidebook, ensuring no lesbian bride is without inspiration and expert advice.

About the Author

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Laura Leigh Abby is a writer whose work sheds light on the experience of an American woman who embraces her flaws. Feeling neglected by mainstream wedding publications, Abby first began blogging about lesbian wedding planning in 2012 while planning her own. She and her wife Samantha, with the help of supportive family, expert vendors, and a cinematic venue, executed the wedding of their dreams—which included a blush Vera Wang gown and custom-made emerald couture. Details of her wedding were featured in publications like The New York ObserverCosmopolitan, and New York Magazine. The couple also appeared in season two of Bravo TV’s hit series Newlyweds: The First Year. She is the founder and publisher of 2brides2be, an online resource dedicated to celebrating the beauty that is a 2Bride wedding.